Movin' and Shakin'

Yes....we felt the earthquake! Everyone has asked that we have talked to so far in Napa. We were at Legoland, standing in line for a roller coaster. It actually felt like when a roller coaster zooms by you and shakes the ground a little.....the problem was the roller coaster was no where near us. I looked at Dave and he had the same look in his eyes that I had in mine. Because we were under the roller coaster no one else seemed to react. I said, "was that an earthquake?" and Dave said "yeah....you should have seen that light post swaying!"

So that is the shakin part of the title "Movin and Shakin"....the moving part is that we had been staying in Carlsbad these past few days with friends but last night we drove up 30 minutes to San Clemente and are now staying in the most darling cottage ever just 2 blocks from the beach/pier! I have taken some pictures to show you just how cute this dang thing is and I will post them tonight. We are having a wonderful time! Water temperature is 72 degrees and weather is 82 degrees.....heaven! We are off to the beach!

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