I've Been Tagged!

1) Being a stay-at-home mother whose husband doesn't gripe that I'm home all day and have nothing planned for dinner!
2) Being married to someone who loves me as completely as I love him.
3) Having complete faith in God's plan for me.

1) One of my children being killed in any kind of accident.
2) Being raped.
3) Our house burning down. Of course, the devastion of losing all our memories...pictures,scrapbooks...everything that isn't replacable...but also the idea of losing my favorite clothing at the time for both myself and my children. I know...so shallow sounding...but my clothes are such an expression of who I am on the inside and make me feel so completely great some days!

To raise my children to be caring compassionate children who think of other's feelings and look for ways to provide service to others. To still be happily married when our children are grown and gone! And, to continue to build a successful business with Dave.

Current Obsessions:
Orange, turquoise and chocolate brown. Blogging and checking friend's blogs. All reality TV...Design Star, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods, just to name a few, babies and finding the perfect career for when my children are grown and on their own.

**I would like to tag Stephanie, Carla, and Kelly **


  1. Steve and I just discovered Design Star recently and we really like it. I was so upset though when the adorable blonde gay guy got kicked off, I loved him! I love your comment about Dave being understanding when you've been home but have nothing planned for dinner. So totally been there and done that, many times!

  2. Yay! I posted mine. I just put it under the concert pics so that I could have a rockstar background for another day or two:)

  3. YEA i'm stoaked your watching so you think you can dance, its my FAVORITE! i haven't heard of legally blond, what channel is that on?

  4. April-
    I love your blog. My favorite
    is the Mom of the year. I can't believe I was overlooked too !
    What is the matter with the town.... I mean come on....I usually only hide the last 2 or 3 brownies not the whole pan.....


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