14 Foods Dave Has Introduced Me To!

So since Dave posted that sweet song for me (which is now having problems loading sometimes)...I thought I would honor him with a few lists of 14s! The first..14 foods Dave has taught me to like. (Now mind you...these are foods I never ate before Dave.)

14 Foods
1.Red Onions
5.Marinated Olives
7.Seaweed Salad
8.Well...all things Sushi
9.Brie Cheese
10.Hot Wings
11.Coke...does that count as food
12.Mexican food for breakfast
13.BBQ Scallops
14.Bell Peppers

14 Memories (one from each year)
1.Driving cross country together twice! (1994)
2.Learning to love the beach and learning to surf. (1995)
3.Buying our first house. (1996)
4.Experienced natural childbirth with Dave by my side the whole time. (1997)
5.Visiting Dave in Korea. (1998)
6.Buying our piece of property to build (1999)
7. Building our house. (2000)
8. Moving into our house! (2001)
9. Sending Blake off in an ambulance 2 hours old all by himself while Dave and I held each other and cried. (2002)
10. Spending our first time in Hawaii at the pool instead of the beach because we had a 1 year old. (2003)
11. Laying in bed each evening dreaming of starting our own business but too scared to take the leap. (2004)
12. Surprising Dave with a trip to Hawaii (just the two of us) because I owed him from number 10 above! (2005)
13. Celebrating our first successful year as business owners and camping in San Clemente in a restored VW bus for five days! (2006)
14. Spent Father's Day Weekend for the 4th year in a row in Monterey and Pacific Grove. (2007)

14 Things I Love About Dave
1. He is witty.
2. He is a hard worker.
3. He is honest.
4. He comes off a little shy, but really isn't.
5. He never brags. (he is humble)
6. He is a great dad.
7. His tattoos.
8. His muscles....I always feel safe.
9. His one-liners.
10. He really is charming with a tough exterior.
11. He shares the same passion about helping others as I do.
12. He encourages me to explore my dreams.
13. He has a wild/non-conforming side to him (although mostly in his youth)
14. He never talks bad about me to other guys. He respects me as a woman and his wife.

I love you, Dave!

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  1. awwww too cute! John and I are 6 tomorrow. 14!!! thats awesome. glad to hear your having fun on the trip, when do you get back? we scrapbooked last night and were missing us a little April! haha anyways talk to ya soon, this weekend i'd like to scrap if your up for it, but you might still be gone...? don't know let me know


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