We Got Into the Pool!

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We FINALLY got into the Redwood Community Swim Pool! We are so excited. Dave said it was the best news EVER! We have already been quite a bit and are having so much fun. Dave has definitely earned the award for the biggest splash.....yup the pool goers hush and turn to watch as Dave approaches the diving board. I will definitely have to take pictures and post them next time we go! We are a happy family this summer! See you at the pool!

P.S. They didn't have "fat girl in a bikini" stick figure option for me...A girl can dream though...right! I am wearing a one-piece this year.


  1. My first thought when I saw your stick figure picture..."Wow, April can still wear a bikini, lucky girl!" Alex is almost a year old and I'm still packing an extra 10 lbs., so this summer will find me in board shorts and probably tank tops when I go swimming. DEPRESSING!!

  2. No, Lana.....like I said...one-peice WITH tummy control. When I sit on the toilet to pee...I have 3 rolls that lay on my legs...that darn C-section did me in for good. In fact, the skinnier I am...the loser the rolls. I figure..a little heavier and I fill those rolls out nicely!

  3. April! Isn't blogging SO much fun! I find myself taking pictures and writing things down just so I remember to blog. Kind of sad. So there is a way to change your background and have it personalized and not use one of bloggers templates. My background is all digital scrapbook papers. Um, I may have to blog about how I did it so that I can teach you guys because I think it's way too complicated to write in a comment. So look for that soon. For now though, search online for digital scrapbook papers that you want for you blog and then you'll be all set on how to do it.


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