Want to talk about OCD, Stephanie?

(In response or in "thought of" a post on the Graham blog re: Stephanie's OCD)
OK...so I am so OCD that I won't even enter a new post because I want my music to match my posts. SO, now that I have entered this post the All American Girl song doesn't start with Kaia's gymnastic show post and then the Handle Bar song won't start with the dirt bike post.....yup I try so hard to match up my music that I read through the post like a new reader would to make sure my music matches up. I even had a baseball one for the baseball post, the Vertigo song for the talent show post, and so on. It is soooo freakin hard and sooo frustrating that I am saying right here and right now....screw OCD. From here on out I will have music on my blog that will coordinate somewhere with a post and YOU GUYS can all figure it out! You should have seen how hard it was to find a short ABC song to go with the "Big Boy" post. It's gone and so is my blogging OCD! Have fun reading my many short posts now with no music match up!

Stephanie, just another reason that screams why we click and are such good friends....shhh...don't tell Megan. She might think you are cheating!

And P.S. this background will be changing as soon as I can figure out how in the heck to not lose my sidebar widgets while installing a new background. I can't get my brown one back and since I am no longer OCD....this one will work fine for now!


  1. April!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I am in love with the blogging! Do you know how much fun it is for me to ignore Kaitlin and live like a teenager again. Well, maybe not ignore... I still feed her. Thanks so much for inspiring me to start this! Your posting about having the music match your messages was soooo funny! When I read your page, I was talking to Megan on the phone. We both laughed so much at me "cheating" on her!So, are you the one who voted on my poll for Susan? I totally think you are like her!!! Mike is Dave... he totally just sighs with Susan's antics. It's hysterical. Anyway,I think I've left a long enough comment, but it won't be my last! p.s.I actually like your new background.

  2. If you figure out how to not lose your sidebar stuff, please let me know. I was so mad when I changed my background and could not figure it out!

  3. yeah whatever your all a bunch of freaks!

  4. You are hysterical. I love that you're getting over your ocd. Now, let's see how long you can stand it. And, if you figure out how to change your background, let me know because I want to change mine and I can't figure out how not to lose everything too. Oh, and you need to come and decorate my house!


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