Ward Talent....eeeer VARIETY SHOW!

So our ward had a talent show a month ago. Kaia planned to sing at the talent show and I was trying to convince my family to do a kazoo skit, but Dave just wouldn't go for it. The night of the talent show we decided to go grab fish tacos at a local restaurant with just 30 minutes to spare. At the restaurant Blake approached me and with a shrug of the shoulders announced that he would like to do something at the talent show. Now, for those of you that don't know Blake too well...he is very shy...always attached to my leg around new people. His eyes and face were soooo serious though about performing in the talent show and his sincerity was obvious. I thought for a minute...what could he do? We could go get his bike and he could do tricks on it or even ride his skateboard. Then I blurted out, "Blake, what would you like to do?" With another shrug of his shoulders he said, "A DANCE"! I quickly placed my cup at my mouth to hide my laughter. About this time, Dave came back down to sit down at our table. With my cup still pressed to my lips, I told him that Blake would like to do a dance for the talent show. My eyes were glaring at Dave with an expression that said.....don't even think about laughing. Now Dave and I have never really seen Blake dance and for some strange reason, we didn't even question what he might do for a dance. We went to the car, listened to the CDs we had in our car on the way to the church. He got really excited with one of the first songs, but Dave had to inform me that it said a bad word in that song....oops, we tried another but it talked about drinking bacardi at your birthday..opps, again....finally I found a KidsBop CD. Phew! He found that song...uno, dos, tres, quatorce. Yup that was the one. I quickly went into the gym, told Becky that Blake would like to enter the talent show with a dance and proceeded to laugh all at the same time. (I know bad mommy). Again we didn't even quiz him about how he would start or what he would do (which is why I think he did so well, because he wasn't nervous). Well the music started and Blake looked at me with a nice long stare and I stood there shaking my head like yes...go, then he looked at the MC all while the music was going with another long stare and then it HAPPENED......he dropped to his butt, starting spinning around, doing all kinds of break dance moves. After the break dancing moves that he did over and over he stood up and decided to start hopping and spinning on one foot....then the other foot. By this time, I was not only peeing my pants, but crying hysterically, kicking myself for not bringing along the video camera. I looked over at Dave and he was doubled-over in his chair. We had no clue Blake had it in him. He danced away to the cheers of the whole ward. It was hysterical.

Kaia actually sang the song "Do You Believe in Magic" and did a beautiful job too! She really has a beautiful singing voice.

We were so proud of them both. And wished all had been there to see Blake and his DANCE!


  1. Go Blake and Kaia!! Wow what outgoing kids...they must be part April! I love this post, not only since it's new, but since it was fun and the pics are cute. Keep 'em coming April!
    I want to see a performance! Let's see what Blake's like at 17.

  2. Oh my gosh... I'm peeing my pants and I didn't even see any of this! Sounds like Blake needs to sign up for hip hop classes!!! hope you guys are all doing great...love ya and miss you! xoxo

  3. That's so awesome! Those are the best moments as parents, when our kids blow us away with things we didn't know they were capable of. I just had a flashback of us doing a lipsync with the YW for a ward talent show..I think to the Beach Boys. You could always talk me into doing things I normally would've been too shy to do...like going to school dressed as a conehead! :)

  4. Lana,
    The conehead costumes were the best! Wish I could get my hands on those again. I still do skits at our dirt bike campouts....blows them all away that I am totally sober! And poor Dave just says...."She's all mine...forever"!Well...thanks for the memories. They were fun times.
    xoxo April

  5. I so wish I could have seen the dancing! Priceless. It really is a shame you didn't have a video camera. That would have been classic YouTube material!


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