Back-up the First Baseman!

Blake started playing t-ball this year. He and his cousin, Jack Odell, are on the same team! He was so excited to play that we had to count down the calendar every morning for 2 weeks. He has done well at practice and has finally agreed to play all 3 innings of the game on Saturday mornings. I brought my camera to the first game..snapped every shot I thought I would want..got hit in the stomach with a ball while taking a picture (everyone else laughed....I was just grateful it wasn't my head)!.. and then sat down and said...."now I don't have to bring my camera to any more games". Imagine how mad I was when the next week during the second inning Coach Jason instructed Blake to go back up the first baseman for his outfield position and we looked up to see Blake standing DIRECTLY behind the first baseman....no joke....his toes to the first baseman's heels and I didn't have my camera! There wasn't even enough room for Blake to put his glove in front of him. I cried laughing while Dave quickly went over to give the first baseman his personal space back! Blake loved that position though....most action in the whole game!

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  1. That is too cute! How fun that you and Jill live close by and have kids close in age to do those things with.


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