Last night I took the kids to see the middle school production of Annie Jr. at our local auditorium. We had just been seated and the producer introduced herself and the play and proceded to outline some of the rules before the show could begin. When she was just about finished the sound guy (who was located up above us in the balcony level) said, "Sharon?" in a very deep voice, and she jokingly responded "Yes, God". The sound guy then said "aren't you forgetting two very important items....show them where the exits are and remind them no food and drinks are allowed in the auditorium". She said, "Oh yes!" Well no one could see the sound guy, but everyone had been looking in a upwards direction.

The show started and we all enjoyed the first half. Finally, in the middle of intermission, Blake looked up to me with really big eyes and said, "Mom, was that really God?" (Like he really believed it and was looking to me for reassurance.) I said, "No, Blake. It was the sound guy that is up working the lights above us." We both smiled and then he said, "Oh, my heart was pounding so hard, like this." Poor guy, the whole first half of the show, he had thought he had actually heard God's voice!

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  1. That was a cute story April, thanks for sharing it! This is Cindi, Katie's mom, who moved to Utah last year. I'd like to contact you so write me an email from http://theklugfamily.blogspot.com okay? I've got a question about one of the families on your links list.


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